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From President of GHRA ホテル、レストラン協会会長から一言

Hafa Adai! As you explore Guam and experience the wondrous landscapes, breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, and many outdoor and marine activities, you can also enjoy the great food available on Guam. We have a wide range of tastes and styles from traditional Chamorro food to Asian ethnic foods to exciting buffet and some well known brand name restaurants. And, Guam Food Today is an excellent resource guide. Enjoy Guam and tell your friends and families!

Mary Torre
Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association

From the Guam Food Guy 英語版のコピーライターから一言

Hafa Adai, and welcome to the tropical paradise of Guam, Where America’s food day begins! Although there are many fun land and sea activities you can enjoy while visiting our island, there is one thing that Guam has that makes your visit truly special, and that is the great dining. Guam is blessed with a variety of cuisine styles, ranging from fine, white tablecloth dining to casual family style eating, with many ethnic food choices including Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Thai, Filipino, Japanese, Hawaiian, American and the local island food we call Chamorro. As the Guam Food Guy, my job has been to review and recommend restaurants to people who are looking for the best eating experiences. I am pleased to help you with your dining decisions by making a few comments about restaurants featured in Guam Food Today. Bon Appetit!

Ken Stewart

From the Publisher 出版者、編集者およびコピーライターから一言


ケン・芳賀 ken Haga